Confessions Of A Virtual Assistant

Receiving an email for a week’s task can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are weeks when one longs for tasks and work while there are days when one just wants to enjoy going online without the pressure of an unfinished task. 

For virtual assistants, checking our online social media accounts would make us wonder whether a page that we are managing is attracting the audience that we would like to have on the page. For virtual assistants, checking our mail would cause our heart to skip a beat as we wonder whether clients email to end a project or to proceed with the given tasks. Aside from all these wonderings and pressure, staying off the grid is impossible for us to do as clients would need us to send a feedback or to reply to an email in an instant and in whoever’s time. It is not like we like to be online 24/7 but it something that we have to do for our living. As a virtual assistant, there are times when you wonder whether a client is legit or not. 

Being a virtual assistant can be challenging, there are some issues that has to be addressed but overall, it is something that some people are still choosing to do no matter what. There are times when you question if all these things that you are doing will really pay off. But despite all those doubts and questions, we still do what we were asked to do not because we have to but because we love doing what we are doing.

Being virtual assistant is not always about the flexible working hours that allows us to travel while working or not even the salary that we are getting. Being a VA is about helping clients get tasks done so that they can impact more people. We do not just work for the money but virtual assistants work for passion. It is our joy to see a happy client because a website is launched or because the money earned is properly balanced and is accounted for.

If I get asked whether or not I will continue on to become a VA, I would immediately say yes and I’ll probably have the same answer when you ask me again years from now.