Confessions Of A Virtual Assistant

Receiving an email for a week’s task can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are weeks when one longs for tasks and work while there are days when one just wants to enjoy going online without the pressure of an unfinished task.  For virtual assistants, checking our online social media accounts would make us wonder […]

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Lifehack 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming the World’s Best Virtual Assistant

You have a job that demands you to be in the office for eight hours, after that you leave the office and go home. You probably have friends to meet but right after that you are free. You have some spare time and you learn about this new booming career referred to as “virtual assistants.” […]

Tale of A Filipino Virtual Assistant: The Challenges They Face

Taking the career as a virtual assistant is challenging as this requires focus and attention. This job is not an easy track to take yet there are people who would like to take the challenge and work as a virtual assistant. As much as it is a difficult career to take, there are other challenges […]