Tale of A Filipino Virtual Assistant: The Challenges They Face

Taking the career as a virtual assistant is challenging as this requires focus and attention. This job is not an easy track to take yet there are people who would like to take the challenge and work as a virtual assistant. As much as it is a difficult career to take, there are other challenges that may seem as out of your control and beyond your reach to solve.

In a country like the Philippines, working as a virtual assistant is extra challenging because of the internet connection. Since we are a third-world country, the internet connection is limited and is controlled by big telecommunication companies that charge as much or even more than the companies in other countries that have better connection than we do. Internet connects us to other parts of the world and with the slow connection, it becomes difficult for us to do video calls or even send large files to our associates. This limits our capabilities to the extent of doing just much of what we have since we literally have no control over these things.

The recent challenge that some VAs are facing is the power outages that are happening in the provinces affected by the earthquakes. These power outages limit the number of hours that the VAs can work since laptops and computers have limited power supply and these virtual assistants cannot do their tasks without these gadgets and electronic devices. These power outages can bring delays and backlogs in the side of the worker since there are limitations as to how much can be done at a span of time.

Another challenge that VAs encounter while doing their job is the lack of resources and materials that are available in the country or whenever these resources are available, it usually cost more than what they actually cost. There are some educational and university resources that are expensive for the VAs so reading these materials and reviews can incur additional cost on their side. Other than these resources, some gadgets or devices also cost more in the country thus it becomes difficult for them to acquire these things.

However, even with these challenges and difficulties, we believe that Filipino virtual assistants are resourceful and wise enough to know how to deal with these problems. While these things are given, these VAs will thrive to make the most out what they have just to deliver what is needed to their client. While there are limitations, they work around it and think of creative ways on how they can still accomplish the given tasks.